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TERRITORY | Valle di Mezzane

The beautiful Mezzane valley is located east of Verona and starts from the town of Vago di Lavagno, from where it grows towards Mezzane di Sotto. The hilly landscape is distinguished by the cultivation of vines, but also of cherry, olive and chestnut trees, from which the Castagnè locality takes its name and which is present above all where the valley climbs towards the woods of the Lessini Mountains.

To the west the territory is bordered by the San Briccio hill, on the top of which there is an Austrian fort in excellent condition, while to the east the border is traced by the Val di Illasi.

Among the most beautiful in the province of Verona, the Val di Mezzane has always been considered fertile for the wealth of water, for the numerous streams and streams that have made flourishing agriculture possible and favored settlements. This is evidenced by the discovery of some flint artefacts dating back to the Middle Paleolithic, but also from the Roman age, which has left numerous traces of itself, with monuments, tombs and various objects.

The historical and artistic heritage of the Valley includes the Pieve di Mezzane di Sotto with its 12th century tuff bell tower. , the parish church of Castagnè and that of Postuman. Also beautiful is the parish church of San Leonardo, in San Mauro di Saline, a Roman / Gothic testimony of this town of Cimbrian origin, known for its production of chestnuts.

There are numerous aristocratic villas, always connected to buildings used for rural activities or barchesse, sometimes lemon houses, and enriched by parks decorated with centuries-old trees.