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In the cellar, wine is born and not made.
Its quality, its characteristics, are the result of small daily choices. From when the soil is prepared, for the planting of the cuttings, to the time of bottling, nothing must be left to chance or excessively planned.
Hence, the producer’s philosophy, his relationship with nature on the one hand and technologies on the other, become essential moments for understanding and better appreciating wine beyond any organoleptic characteristics that can easily be traced back to conventional parameters.

Each Adaila wine comes from a particular vineyard which, due to the position, the variety of grapes, the age and the type of farming, has over time been preferred to produce that wine, allowing us to achieve an undisputed and well-defined quality.
All the grapes, have the organic and Demeter certification, are harvested by hand at the optimal moment of ripeness, sometimes forcing us to make several passages in the vineyards.
Fermentations start spontaneously (indigenous yeasts) and take place in 40 hl conical oak vats, where temperatures are only partially controlled.